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Southwest Washington Relocation
Welcome to my Southwest Washington relocation site.  I am equipped to help people who are or would like to move to Southwest Washington or the Metro Portland area.  Having lived for 38 years in Sonoma County, California before moving to the Northwest, I have the unique perspective of having already done what you are seeking to do.  I was licensed in Real Estate in California and understand that market well.  If you are a Northern Californian I have a good insight into what you are accustomed to in regards to neighborhoods, schools and services.  

I moved here in 2002 and there is no looking back.  This place is vastly superior.  Clark County is virtually right next to Portland, Oregon and offers every kind of real estate lifestyle you can imagine.  High Rise penthouse condo, 50 acre farm, 5 acre ranchette, 4 bed 2 bath in the burbs, you name it we have it.  If you are just starting out prices are reasonable with clean homes in the 170k range and if you are  affluent I can show you homes on the Columbia River Waterfront at 4 million dollars.

One of the best things about this area is that you can live in very close to the city and still have affordable pricing.  You can live "way out in the country" and still be 30 minutes from the airport or downtown.  This Metro Area includes 5 counties and has about 2.1 million people.  It is comparable in size to the Sacramento Metro area.  Portland, OR is significantly larger than Sacramento however and has a more cosmopolitan feel than Sacramento.  

The local economy for the Pacific Northwest has the best prospectus of any area in the country right now.  Real Estate values are soft but steady and jobs are starting to return to the area.  The state of Washington has no income tax and the state of Oregon has no sales tax. Property taxes remain much lower in Washington state than nearby Oregon.

Washington state schools remain in the top twentieth percentile nationally   Washington's highways are well maintained and in Southwest Washington they are relatively free of congestion.

Southwest Washington has 4 distinct seasons, none of which are extreme.  Winters are mild with some snow and ice but more rain than snow.  Summers are warm but not real hot.  The spring brings changeable weather and beautiful flowers and tree blossoms.  Autumn brings brilliant foliage that rivals New England.

Contact me for information on relocating to the Pacific Northwest.  

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